Everon Academy Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy informs you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we receive from registered users of academy.everon.io.

For further reference to the Everon general privacy policy, please review everon.io/privacy.


Who is responsible for the data and privacy protection within Everon Academy?

Everon B.V. is responsible for following the procedures as described in this Data Privacy Policy.

In case you have further questions, please contact dataprivacy@everon.io


Which personal data do we gather within Everon Academy, and why and how are we using this information?

Access to Everon Academy is invite only. However, upon initial log in, we ask you to share with us the following data in order to complete the account activation:

  • Company Name
  • Country

 For the following reasons:

  • To verify that you are an existing Everon customer or partner.
  • To deliver relevant training information for you based on your location, time zone, and/or language.
  • To send you necessary information about the training services which you are receiving.


Upon activation within Everon Academy we will store the following data from you:

  • Contact details including first name last name, and business email
  • Your personal chosen password to access Everon Academy

Optionally, you can share additional information with us on the My info page to  help us improve your user experience at Everon Academy.

  • My bio
  • Profile picture
  • Time zone
  • Language
  • Job title


Billing Information:

Everon Academy does not store any billing related information associated to your account, such as credit card details, as your purchase for the Academy Subscription is handled by Everon B.V.


Learning Data:

When using Everon Academy, the learning management system (LMS) automatically generate data which tracks your interactions, progression, and results within the learning objects that you participate in.


With whom do we share data that is stored in Everon Academy

Within Everon Academy, all data as mentioned in section above is visible to our System Administrators. We use this information for analytical purposes, and to generate relevant certifications, which Everon B.V. regards as a basis for granting eligibility for using our support network.

Everon Academy is hosted on TalentLMS, a cloud subscription-based Learning service, provided by Epignosis. Therefore, all data within Everon Academy can be accessed by Epignosis, but for technical assistance reasons only.


How secure is my data within Everon Academy?

Our LMS provider Epignosis stores data redundantly on multiple devices across multiple facilities. Epignosis uses modern techniques to remove bottlenecks and points of failure. For more information please visit: talentlms.com/secure.


How long do we share your data within Everon Academy?

When your subscription has ended or been terminated, we will deactivate your account, and your data will be archived and remain recoverable if your subscription is to be reactivated at a later date.


What are your rights with regards to the data we store within Everon Academy?

You are able to review and edit your user information on the My info page. 

You will not be able to modify learning data generated from interacting with the learning objects, such as learning progress, score, and completion results.

If you wish to have us remove your data indefinitely, you can send the data removal request by email to dataprivacy@everon.io. The action will be performed within 30 days. After removal you will receive a notification per email.